Take Care of Yourself – Relaxation

When we do not feel well, we need to visit a Medical Doctor or GP for our physical health; sometimes we also need to see people for our minds and our spiritual health.

As part of our periodical newsletter, I would share some tips with you in looking after our minds and spiritual health. This week, I would like to share:

  • quick relaxation tips
  1. Take a hot bath or shower before going to bed. A good night’s sleep can leave us feeling relaxed, revitalised and rejuvenated, so why not take a hot shower and wash yourself or take a long hot soaking bath to relax your physical body and rest your mind so you can fall asleep easily.
  1. Have a power nap. If you did not sleep well last night, take a break and have a quick 15 or 20 minute nap can also leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go, but don’t forget to set the alarm.
  2. Listen to some music. Turn on your favourite tunes and sing and dance along. Or put on something quieter and just relax and listen.
  3. Go for a walk. Stroll in the park or along the beach and take in the fresh air. Do some simple exercises, stretching, meditation or yoga.
  4. Do some deep breathing exercises. Try sitting outside and listening to the sounds of nature or lie down, close your eyes, relax and really concentrate on your breathing.
  5. Watch your favourite comedy and laugh away your stress. Remember laughter is the best medicine.
  1. Take time out to eat. Don’t eat on the run or standing up, eat your meal properly. Take a break and have a soothing drink of herbal tea, hot chocolate or warm milk.
  1. Talk to friends. Pick up the phone and call a friend or family member and have a good chat. You’ll be laughing and relaxed in no time.
  1. Eat healthy food and drink enough water. Eat healthy and natural food like fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts and legumes would assist in maintain inner health balance. Make sure you drink plenty of water, too.
  1. Why not try your hand at something different? Something new? Join an interest group: a book club, a foodie tour or learn a new skill. For example, learn how to paint; you don’t have to be a Picasso to feel good.

If you would like to chat with someone about stress or relaxation, the AIPE counsellor is available on Tuesdays and Thursday – See Brett to make an appointment.


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