Foodilicious – Rose Watermelon Cake

For those who are a pastry person, I believe you all would know about this beautiful cake. My jaw drops when this cake comes to my mind. I’ve never had watermelon in my cake before, but since I had it once in a korean cafe in Eastwood pishonpatisserie , I was addicted to it!!! When you look at the layers of this cake, you will try to imagine how the texture is going to be. There are layers of cream and watermelon and there are strawberries and rose petals as the top coat. What a brilliant combination with the scent of romance and refreshing taste of the rose petal and watermelon. Alright, I have been talking too much, let the picture speak for itself now 🙂

I love the cakes in Eastwood and not only the taste, but also the design of the cake packaging. Don’t you think it just reminds you of how pure and lovely your first love is? For me, it does! Especially with the pink wrapped paper and the scent of rose.


Here’s the one from BlackStar Pastry  which is the popular place to get this cake for sydney siders.

IMG-20150201-WA0051 IMG-20150201-WA0052

This one was handmade by my friend.


If you are interested to bake it yourselves, please check the tutorial link below and bring some to our AIPE student services staffs xD Joking.

Happy Baking ^^

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