Thai and Laos cuisine at Holy Basil

Thai cuisines are common in Australia nowadays, dishes such as pad thai, salad and myriad choices of stir-fries have become familiar to Aussies. Thai food are famous for its use of aromatic herbs and oriental sauces, creating gastronomic experience that is both strikingly pleasant and different [from western food]. At Holy Basil, a Thai and Laos restaurant, this tradition is followed faithfully with some amazing additions from another Asian cultural heritage. The food are indeed well above average, fresh and beautifully presented. The service is better than average Asian restaurant with occasional minor disorganisation. The settings are quite unique with decoration drawn from two cultures. The restaurant, opening from lunch to late, is actually inside the Shark Hotel bar, thus it may get noisy, especially at night. Three of the must tries (which there are numerous) are grill ox tongues, tom yum soup and deep fried ice cream.

Price: Cheap-Medium $13/dish
Food: 4/5
Premise: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Location: Shark Hotel/127 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Value for money: Great

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