Jet Eliot

Echidna, Kangaroo Island, Australia Echidna, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Australia has some of the strangest and most divine creatures on this planet.  The day I got to see an echidna was a thrill.

The short-beaked echidna is a monotreme, meaning it is a mammal that lays eggs.  There are only two kinds of monotremes in the world:  the echidna and the platypus.  They both live in Australia and nearby New Guinea, and I am happy to report I have seen both.  (I have written about the delightful platypus in earlier posts.  Click here to read Chasing a Platypus.)

The day I saw the echidna was one of my first days in Australia.  A ranger in the park, where it looked like we were the only humans within 50 miles, had told us to go to the Black Swamp if we wanted to see a platypus.  We spent most of the searingly hot day at…

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