State Library of New South Wales

Mat flinders

Check out the statue of Mathew Flinders nearby – see if you can find his furry friend.

Public libraries are great destinations for studying, doing research or just feeding your hunger for knowledge. If you visit the
Sydney CBD, the State Library should be among your top places to explore. The State Library of New South Wales, located on the corner of Macquarie Street and Shakespeare Place, is the oldest library in Australia. The library is home to a vast range of resources including the usual books and reference materials, exhibitions as well as workshops and conferences, which one may spend days to explore. In the Macquarie Street Building, you can find a public work area with free wifi internet and a limited number of computers. The place is comfy, convenient and obviously favoured by many, so you must be lucky to secure a seat, especially during exam seasons. The buildings themselves, old and new, are charming in various ways, so in case you find yourself out of luck, try wandering the buildings, you might find your trip not so disappointing.