Meet Kadir – An AIPE ambassador and member of the SLDP

Kadir rockMy name is Kadir. I come from Turkey and I am 24 years old. I want to talk briefly about my interests and personality. I likejogging, working out, bike riding, swimming and reading books. I tried to live in a healthy way since I come to Sydney. I changed my mind. I gave up junk food and an animal products  I have become a vegetarian. I am smiling, easygoing, friendly and quite talkative guy.

Before I come to Sydney I graduated from university in Public Relation and advertising. While I studied at university I did an internship with good companies  social responsibility projects and creative advertisement campaigns. After I graduated I kadir seafound a job in one of the best companies because of my social and internship experiences at university. Two month later, after started to job I was made redundant because I didn’t know enough English. So I decided to come to Sydney to improve my English.

My favorite place İn Sydney is Centennial Park. Centennial Park has fields, small lakes and there are bicycle, running and horse riding tracks. When I go to Centennial Park to jog, I feel relaxed, I watch the horses and especially the lakes give me relief at sunset. Sometimes I go to park with my friends for a picnic. İt’s very good opportunity for me to escape from the city of stress.

I don’t have too many experiences in my profession. Because I’ve just learned  kadir Syd festEnglish but the Sydney Festival was a good opportunity for me. I learned about the volunteering system. Because social responsibility is a part of my job that I can manage companies of social responsibility. Turkey has a different system, Sydney is different. İf I compare Turkey and Australia about social responsibility Australia has an improved system. Everything runs smoothly and very clear. Now I havesldp joined the AIPE leadership program – SLDP. I wish to have a good experience and developing my professional skills through the program.

For more info about the AIPE Leadership program please speak with Brett on Level 1. 


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