Campus Express Sydney

AIPE100-minOn the 27th of March, Campus Express launched at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney. With students coming in from all over New South Wales, Campus Express was put on to bring the physical campus to the online students.

Stephen Davies, Academic Director at AIPE, was impressed with the event. “The thing with online education is that these people are anonymous, so when students come to an event like this, we can personalise it. We’re able to sit with each one of them to find out what they’re doing and find out their stories, and you get inspired by some. Today, meeting and knowing these people, it changes things. They may be online, but they’re not that far removed. It makes us realise that we are doing something worthwhile. I hope the students who came to the event leave with enthusiasm and more confidence.”

With workshops presented on topics such as How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter, Interview Techniques, and How to Access the MyProfession Portal, students were treated to tips and tricks while also enjoying complimentary massages and makeovers.


Lee Buckley, Academic Manager for Higher Education, was also happy with how the event went. “It’s good to put a face to a name. A student could be in contact with us for their online study, and then see us here and say “oh! It’s you!” The event was wonderful. What students ultimately want is to get a job, so I think what we had today in terms of workshops and speakers was good. It taught them how to deal with interviews, what to put on their resumes, how to dress. It was really, really good.”

Interactive workshops meant the students could get involved and could feel comfortable asking questions and interacting with the speakers. Speakers included Jasmine Wallis – a freelance coach and trainer who specialises in talking about personal development – and Joseph Boutros, who spoke to students about how to approach an interview in a more creative way.

“I was really proud to talk about our college and see the reaction it had on our students. There were nice little surprises, we were able to communicate to them about progression, whether from a Diploma to an Advanced Diploma or from an Advanced Diploma to Higher Education. There were some really good messages there,” Academic Trainer Luciano D’Ambrosi said.

Students who had questions for their trainers and student support advisors were able to approach them and get the help they needed face to face instead of over the phone. In between workshops, students not only chatted to support staff, but also networked with fellow students.


“I thought it was absolutely fantastic, really nice. Just bringing the personal aspects to online students, they don’t feel that they’re alone. It was a really good day. Meeting people, getting their stories and finding out why they’re studying is really good,” Assistant Academic Manager for VET Online, Karen Palmer said.

Campus Express will be held in Melbourne on the 30th of April at ACMI Federation Square. For more information, please email or check out our website!


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