AIPE Surrounds

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Palomino Espresso
via Palomino Espresso Facebook

Palomino Espresso
Shop 1, 61 York Street, Sydney

No signs, only a faint logo placed on the window, and no way of knowing this place exists unless someone tells you about it. Focusing mostly on coffee and small, light snacks, it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee on your way to class or during a lunch break.

All the cake!

Lorraine's Patisserie
via Lorraine’s Patisserie Facebook

Lorraine’s Patisserie
Shop 5, Palings Lane, 320 George Street, Sydney

Known for its amazing pastries and delicious cakes, it’s basically the best place in the city to get a sugary treat. Featuring tarts, cheesecakes, croissants, cakes, pies, brownies and sausage rolls, you have to go searching to find Palings Lane in the city. If you like surprises, it’s the place to go.

Drink up!

Mr Tipply's
via Mr Tipply’s Facebook

Mr Tipply’s
347 Kent Street, Sydney

Just around the corner from AIPE, Mr Tipply’s has recently undergone reservation and offers a mixture of Asian cuisine and modern Australian pub food. They also have daily specials, with $10 salads on Mondays, $15 burgers on Thursdays, and $15 chicken schnitzels with chips and salad on Fridays. For the full list of daily specials, check out their menu here.
Mr Tipply’s also has a nice cocktail list, with cocktails ranging from $11-$21. You can find their drinks menu here.

AIPE students are also given a discount at Mr Tipply’s. Simply show your student card to receive a discount for food and drinks.


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