Faces of AIPE

Faces of AIPE JoannaJoanna, Cert IV in Business

“I’m from Poland, from a small town up north. I applied to one of those agencies that help people come to Australia and they told me about AIPE. It sounded pretty good, so I came to study and I’ve been here since August 2014. I’m loving being here, and I’ve travelled before, so I’m fine with being away from home.
I actually came to Australia because of my sister. She always wanted to come here, but she didn’t have the guts to come by herself, so I grabbed her hand and said “Let’s go to Australia together.” She’s studying here too, and she’s doing the same course as me. I think she likes it now, so it was a good decision.

Right now we’re focusing on Project Management in the Certificate IV in Business. We’re designing a project and actually making it happen. Next week we’re doing a little market or stall where we sell food on Level 8 next Thursday (the 23rd of April) at 12pm, and we’re going to sell food and give the money to the Australian Cancer Council.

After this Certificate, I’m moving to Melbourne, and I’m thinking about doing another course in childcare or something. I actually have a Bachelor in Special Education from Poland. I see myself teaching, not necessarily special education, but definitely teaching. I used to live in California, and I would love to live there in the future. Right now I’m in Australia and I enjoy it, so we’ll see!”

Each week, grAIPEvine will be adding a post about a student on campus or online. 
To be featured, simply send an email to digital@aipe.edu.au and we’ll get in touch.


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