How To Stay Motivated While Studying

Sometimes you just want to throw your pen down. Sometimes you just want to lie back, relax, and pretend you don’t have that assessment to do. Sometimes you’re unmotivated. It’s really tough to stay motivated without a plan in place. You’ll make up excuses instead of doing work, watch TV instead of reading your textbooks, and tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow instead of doing it today. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself motivated!

Tip 1:

Microsoft StoreImage via Microsoft Store’s Instagram Phone. Your phone will be your number one distraction, so put it away, perhaps in a drawer, and try your best not to touch it while studying. You should also remember to put it on silent, as you’ll want to look at it if it makes a noise.

Tip 2:

StudyImage via Microsoft’s Instagram Comfort. You don’t want to be sitting at your desk in something that is too tight or not comfortable. You’ll be thinking about it and it will distract you from what you’re meant to be doing. So find that pair of tracksuit pants, put on a big oversized jumper, and get cozy.

Tip 3:

WaterImage via Staples Australia’s Instagram Drink. It’s something we often forget about. Remember to stay hydrated by keeping a big bottle of water on your desk. If you find yourself getting tired or bored, drink some water, walk around a bit, and come back to your desk to get working again.

Tip 4:

Selfie PlusImage via Selfie Plus’s Instagram Eat. Just as important as drinking water, eating is pretty much the thing that keeps you alive (besides breathing, of course). Try your best to eat healthy food like fruit and vegetables, and stay away from things filled with sugar as they will make you tired as the day goes on.

Tip 5:

MicrosoftImage via Microsoft Australia’s Instagram Plan. Get yourself a really good calendar, and start planning which days you’ll be studying and which days you’ll be resting. As long as you have allocated time for you to rest, the time you spend studying won’t seem so bad anymore. Decorate your study space with inspirational quotes or things that will keep you on track!


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