June Holidays: Major Events


Autumn is over, and winter has crawled its way into Australia. Wherever you are right now, either at AIPE or perhaps sick at home in bed, we want to do something once a week where we give you something to do during the June holidays.

This week, we’ll start with a bang. We’re giving you the top events on in the month of June.
Next week, we’ll give you our top five places to go to in NSW, all within two hours away.

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So, here we go!


Sydney Film Festival

When: Wednesday 3rd June – Sunday 14th June
Where: Various

Featuring films from all over the world, including documentaries, short films and animation, the Sydney Film Festival is one of the world’s longest-running film festivals.
Most tickets are $16.50 for those who show their student cards, or $19.50 for everyone else.


Winter Garden

When: Friday 19th June – Sunday 19th July
Where: Hyde Park

Enjoy skating on an open-air ice rink, warm up in the Winter Garden Lounge, slide down the inflatable slide, and indulge in the fun extras (such as a popup Lindt Chocolate Cafe, DJs and theme nights)! Tickets for the ice skating rink are $24.


Supanova Pop Culture Expo

When: Friday 19th June – Sunday 21st June
Where: Sydney Showground, Olympic Park

Since it began in 2000, Supanova has been the fun expo for those obsessed with comic books, cartoons, science fiction, gaming, fantasy and books. For the inner geek and fan, it’s a fun day to dress up and meet your favourite stars. Tickets are from $28 online.

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