Linda’s Story – A Proud AIPE Ambassador!

Hello, my name is Linda and I come from Slovakia. I have been a student at AIPE for almost for three years. I love to travel; I’ve visited many places around Australia and out of Australia.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t really enjoy my time at AIPE at the beginning because I didn’t want to stay in Australia at all. After one and half years at AIPE, I have decided to do something more for myself. I have completed a Bachelor in Transport Management in Slovakia, and obviously my dream job is not to be cleaner or waitress in Australia. So I declINDA AMJADided to go to AIPE’s student reception to ask some basics questions about whether it is possible to get more involved in AIPE, because I wanted to achieve something, not just be an ordinary student, but being something more. I spoke with Maggie at the reception. She didn’t know me very well at the time, but that was almost one year ago, and I found her to be such a nice person. She sent me to the Student Experience Team Leader’s office to find out more.

Brett is the Student Experience Team Leader. I told him that I was really interested in becoming something more than being an ordinary student at AIPE. I love to talk with students and help them whenever they need. He came up with an idea for me to be the first student ambassador of AIPE. It was very nice to see how excited he was about the idea. I was super excited because I started to do something that I had never done before overseas. I become a student ambassador, which includes working at orientation days. At orientation days, I greet students, hand them paperwork, and give them information about how to update their profiles. I have also attended various AIPE events as a representative and ambassador.

To become a student ambassador was the best decision I have ever made. It gives me points towards the leadership program, good references for my future job, and knowledge about how things work at AIPE during the orientation days (which is not very easy). It also helps to expand my knowledge about AIPE.  When you become a student ambassador, you will be informed about any internship opportunities, upcoming AIPE events, discounts, etc.

My dream job in Australia is to become a Student Support Officer, because I love to work with international students and give them advice, as it puts a smile on my face. It makes me happy when I see satisfied students around me.

When you see me around school, do not hesitate to say hello! If you have any questions or specific questions such as how to get accommodation, I’m happy to talk to you about it!

Do not hesitate to move on and do something for yourself. To become a Student Ambassador will help you to expand your knowledge in the education sphere. You will get to know the amazing staff who work at AIPE. See Brett on Level One for further information.



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