Top Tips For Exam Period

Exams are the worst. You’re hardly sleeping, expected to remember a lot of information, and keep drinking coffee at weird times during the day and night.

It’s important to know your limits and to understand that you need a few things to get through exams.

Drink. Water.


You know that clear liquid that comes out of taps? Yeah, it’s pretty important and keeps you going, even though it tastes like nothing. Drink it. Drink it in tea. Drink it in juices. Drink it in iced beverages. Put some cut up strawberries and pieces of cucumber into a waterbottle (with water) and drink it throughout the day.

However you choose to do it, just make sure you actually drink it. It keeps you hydrated, healthy and happy.

Sleep. More.

Your bed is there for a reason. It’s not a place you lie in and wait until the sun comes up. It’s a place for you to get your minimum eight hours of sleep each night, and a place for you to rest. Don’t mix sleep with study. Make sure you go to sleep at a good time, to ensure you’re all fresh and wonderful and ready for the next day!

Eat. Well.


Vegetables. Fruit. Bread. Try and eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and snack on fruit or vegetables in between. Fatty food will only make you more sleepy and hungry. Snacking on celery sticks and muesli bars is actually a good way to stay fit, healthy and active. Your brain needs good food to function, so make sure you’re feeding it the right stuff.

Rest. Properly.


Sitting and studying can be bad for your posture, your eyes and your brain. You need to make sure you get some time to rest. Go for a walk, a run, a tea with friends. Get out of the house and get out into nature. Perhaps go for a swim at the beach (even though it’s freezing at the moment), or do a scenic walk nearby. It’s important to have a clear divide between study and rest, so don’t look at your computer or phone while resting (or try not to), as you’re already looking at a screen for most of your studying.

Exercise. Regularly.


Join a gym close to home, or maybe find a community pool to do regular swimming in. Your mind will probably be exhausted from all the studying you’re doing, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to give your mind a break and focus on what your body needs. Your body needs to move, get blood flowing properly, and energy. Run, walk, swim, bike, skip, jump. Just do something.

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