Five Buys from Etsy to Help You Study

You’ve sat down, you’ve opened your laptop, and now you’re stumped.

Never fear! Etsy is here! With motivational posters for under $10, Etsy is your go-to place for study buys. They also have planners, stationery and stickers (yes, stickers galore!).

We have put together our top five Etsy buys to make studying easier. What’s your favourite? Simply share this post on Facebook, and choose your favourite!


Soumyas Quote Artvia Soumya’s Quote Art ($6.62)

Be stress-free.
Often we stress too much while studying. This simple design (along with simple, motivational words) should help you remember to keep things simple. If you’re stressed while studying, go for a walk. If you find yourself stumped with an assessment, just take a deep breath, read it over again, and try to not overthink things.


Julian Jinksvia Julian Jinks ($6.85)

Be magical.
Remember to study like Granger, but also remember to eat like Ron Weasley. Studying can be time-consuming, but if you don’t eat, you won’t study properly. And live like Potter. Your social life shouldn’t go down the drain just because of study, so get outside, see your friends, and get some Vitamin D in you!


Studyvia Visual Pixie ($7.90)

Be goofy.
Sitting in front of a computer, being all serious and stuff…it can get boring. Remember to be silly, give your brain a break and don’t be too full-on with your study. You’ll burn out, and that would be pretty terrible for you.


DECO9 Studiovia DECO9 Studio ($7.94)

Believe in yourself.
You can do it. Yes, you may think at times that your assessment is impossible, but it just takes a bit of time, some water, and perhaps a walk outside to clear your head and get things done. So don’t say you’re too tired to study. Don’t put it off. You’re awesome, and you can do anything you set your mind to.


Calmvia The Educated Owl ($9.26)

Be calm.
Get it done, keep studying, and stay organised. You’ll have times where you’ll struggle to be motivated, but just keep calm and carry on with your studying. The sooner you get things done, the sooner you get to do other things, like meowing at your cat and pretending he or she can understand you.


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