Settling Into Sydney


Moving overseas is a huge, huge decision. And it’s a decision that leads onto amazing adventures, new friends, and fun experiences.

As we know it’s tough to move countries, we’ve compiled a list of things you should do in order to settle in here in Australia.

Find Accommodation.


Luckily for you, AIPE has you sorted with accommodation. We have homestays or sharehouses.

Homestays are homes where you can go and stay with an Australian family, while sharehouses are apartments where you can share the place with other international students.

Both ways are great if you want to meet people, but homestays are more for those who want to meet Australians, while sharehouses are more for those who want to meet international students.

If you’re interested in either of the above, contact for more information.

If you’d rather look for accommodation yourself, check out any of the following links:


Hopefully the above three are helpful. If you need any advice on where to look for accommodation, contact your Student Advisor or see us on Level 1 at Reception.

Be Organised.


It’s extremely important that your timetable is all sorted. If it’s not, you’ll probably not make it to any classes!

To get your timetable, login to AIPE Connect. If your timetable is not there then your enrolment is incomplete; you may be required to meet with a support officer or finalise your enrolment with Student Services on Level 1 at Reception. You’ll only get your timetable after Orientation, so hang tight if you haven’t attending Orientation yet.

Find A Good Cafe.


Sydney is full of amazing cafes, restaurants and bars. But what we’re known for is our coffee. We have great coffee, and you’ll probably need one before or after classes.

Here’s our top list of nearby cafes:

Tamper Press Cafe

Cafe Vicolo

Expresso 120

Plato’s Cafe

Greenheart Espresso

Get To Know Sydney.

Sydney is a huge city, filled with great activities. Remember to check out the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, even the zoo. We’ve got so much to see and so much to do, so make sure you take some time out on the weekend to check out the different suburbs and different areas!


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