Wayan’s AIPE Story

My name’s Wayan Karno Wijaya, my friends just called me Wayan.

wayan1I originally came from a small island in Indonesia called Bali which is the place where many Australian people go for holiday. I’ve been living in Sydney for almost 2 years, I am currently studying a Diploma of Marketing and I’m one of the student ambassadors here at AIPE.

I was a bit nervous when I arrived in Sydney and it really felt like one of the more difficult moments in my life. It was the first time I had lived far from my family, I knew nothing about Sydney, I didn’t know where to go and I didn’t know who to ask until I began with my English class and met great teachers such as Norman, Omer, Yoshi, Gaby. I met many new friends from other countries.wayan4

Six months after studying in General English I started to do my first  VET course the Certificate IV in Business, one of the subjects I really enjoyed is Develop and Present a Sales Plan (BSBSLS501A), in this subject I’ve learnt the process of how to organize an event like a Food Festival. I was really excited when my trainer asked me to do a music performance; it was the first time that I would sing in front of many people (but I was quietly confident because music is my hobby.)

I sang a few songs and it felt really great! People really enjoyed it. It was at that time that Brett (Student Experience Manager) came to me and asked me if I would like to get involved with the AIPE Leadership Program (SLDP). I thought about it and talked with myself that I came to this wonderful country not just to put my head on my books, having fun or going to party with my friend but I came here also to get some greater benefits. The key thing for me about studying as an International student is that I want to make the most of my Australian experience. I registered for the program that Brett offered to me.wayan3

I started with the small things such as helping them in orientation for the new students, giving them information based on my experience study with AIPE. Doing stuff like volunteering as much as I can is a great experience. In a short time I been involved with Sydney Festival and Vivid Light Festival where I can meet and having conversations with local people. The leadership program encourages involvement with both on campus and off campus activity and events.

Brett encouraged me to apply to CISA (the Council of International Students, Australia) as a CISAmbassador. I was surprised when I was chosen to represent NSW and VET students.

In July this year I was chosen by AIPE staff and management to attend the CISA conference in Melbourne on 6th July which is a special conference for International students all around Australia, which was my best experience so far! I was able to meet other international students from different level of education and sharing how it feel being a student at University which is really interesting to heard, at the conference also I’ve learned how to prepare before interview for new job,  I got more wayan2information about the special things in other states of Australia and a lot more. It was my first trip to Melbourne.

By getting involved in the SLDP program has really given me a lot of benefits and also I’ve learned so much. I have learnt to challenge myself in term of managing the time between study, work and other activities. I’ve done it really well so far, and the important thing is I really enjoy everything I’ve done it’s brought me out of my shell and made me to be a better person in term of communication skills I’ve been practicing. I have developed my networking skills with the many people I’ve met and hopefully I can use these skills and experience for my future employment.

I know AIPE will help me until I get there!


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