Trimester 1 Awards

With the trimester in full swing, it’s time to recognise those who have achieved great results in their Higher Education studies in Trimester 1.

Dean's Award

On the 5th of August, AIPE presented the Dean’s Award and Commendable Awards to students who had shown academic excellence in their Bachelor of Business. The results are in, and below are the people who were awarded these prestigious awards!

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Performance for Trimester 1, 2015:

Marie D Melissa Appadoo


Melissa was Top of the Class ALL her subjects – ACT100 Accounting Principles, ECO100 Economics for Managers, FIN100 Business Statistics and LAW100 Introduction to Law.

Commendable Academic Performance Awards to Top of Class Students:

  • MGT300 Business Ethics & Governance – Azeem Amin and Shaveta Sharma
  • LAW300 Taxation Law – Jozef Veselenyi

Commendable Academic Performance Awards for Distinction Average and Top of Class:


  • FIN100 Business Statistics – Patitta S Garver
  • LAW200 Company Law, MGT200 Project Management & ACT301 Strategic Management Accounting – Niamh Marie Martyn
  • MGT100 Management Principles – Maribel Alejandra Santibañez Celedon
  • FIN200 Finance for Managers, ACT200 Foundations of Financial Accounting & ACT201 Foundations of Management Accounting – Lukas Kuchar
  • MKT200 Marketing Research, MKT201 Consumer Behaviour – Isabelle Marie Antoinette Segalin

Commendable Academic Performance Awards for Distinction Average:


  • Suelen Rocio Viviani
  • Giovanni Migliaccio
  • Asad Riaz
  • Muhammad Hasaan Azam Tareen
  • Sukhwinder Singh
  • Mohamad Kaddoura

Outstanding Academic Performance Awards for High Distinction Average and Top of Class:


  • HRM100 Human Resource Management Principles – Jana Kanalosova
  • HRM200 Organisational Management & HRM301 Managing Workplace Diversity – Edyta Krygowska

We interviewed the winner of the Dean’s Award, Melissa, and will be sharing the advice she has for those who want to excel in their subjects

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