Tips from Phillip (an online student)

Time Management

  • Don’t proctime-managementrastinate– look through your study materials as soon as you get them and plan
  • Get Started. Today. Now! Reading through the study guide, or re-visiting the assignment topic will be getting you somewhere. If you have any questions, contact your support staff  to get some tips or guidance
  • Get organized. Improve your time management skills and get yourself organized. This sometimes means changing the way you have done things in the past or how you go about the task
  • Keep your tasks bite-sized. It is amazing how much you can achieve if you set aside one hour of time somewhere in each day. All those little bites make a meal out of study.
  • For larger tasks, like assignments and set aside blocks of quality time without interruptions – perhaps at a library or even on campus
  • Help yourself ‘get in the zone’ by creating a study atmosphere. Have a special place to study with all you need on hand, put on some quiet music or use aromatherapy to get yourself focused.

Phillip Gordon Mules