Where are they now?

Phillip Gordon Mules

Diploma of Management, graduated April 2015, Currently studying – Bachelor of Business Majoring In Management.

“I commenced higher studies in 2000 through a graphic design certificate at Adelaide University and since then have continued my studies at various universities and institutions.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, Adobe Certified Associate, Professional Photographer & Graphic Designer. My main area of study is in the field of Business & Management which are in line with my future goal to become a Professional Leader & Business Manager in the Casino and Hotel industry.”

“I started with AIPE in 2013 as an online student, studying Business & Management. I have since then graduated from my Diploma of Management and have decided to continue my studies with AIPE by pursuing my Bachelor Of Business (Majoring In Management). My stay with AIPE has always been an enjoyable experience, I have so many great friends and Student Advisors. I would highly recommend AIPE to any student who wishes to study and further their career. I have studied at a lot of institutions, and I must say AIPE is excellent!    Always remember- The Expert in anything was once a Beginner.”   

Roderic GrigsonRoderic Grigson

Diploma of Travel and Tourism– graduated  July 2015

I was working for a US multi-national for many years and when an opportunity presented itself a few years ago, I decided to retire at the age of 60 to pursue other interests. I spent the first year of my ‘retirement’ learning to become a creative writer and published a book called ‘Sacred Tears’ which was released globally. I wrote two more books last year which are currently in the process of being published. The three books are all works of fiction, set in the island of Sri Lanka where I was born. People who read the book and learnt what a diverse and wonderful place Sri Lanka is, asked me to help them visit the country, to advise them where they should go and what they should do. This led me at the beginning of this year to open a travel consultancy called ‘Sri Lankan Destinations’.

To get AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) certified, I undertook the AIPE Diploma in Travel and Tourism online which I fast-tracked and completed in 5-months.

After completing the Diploma, I partnered with a legacy travel agency in Mordialloc which has been focusing on selling cruises and packaged tours. I will help them promote Sri Lanka as a travel destination and take-to-market a new tourism product I have developed called ‘Ancient Trails’. www.ancienttrails.world

Wagner Alves da Silva Junior

Certificate IV in Project Management– graduated  March 2014 / Diploma of Project Management– graduated April 2015

“I have been working in Information Technology since I was 18, after completing a technical degree in this area I initiated my career as a Programmer, working for the Government. Seeking for better professional experience, I was offered a position to work in a bigger company in one of the most important cities of Brazil, Sao Paulo. I learnt a lot during the four years I worked there and I knew that I should improve my management skills to succeed and be revered in my area. I researched and found the Certificate IV in Project Management available at AIPE and thought that would be fantastic to reach my goals. After graduating from my Certificate IV in Project Management, I then went onto further study with AIPE completing my Diploma of Project Management. I am now back in Brazil and still working with the company that was employed with previously.”

“Completing my further education with AIPE meant that upon my return I was offered a better opportunity and ongoing career path. All the challenges that I faced and the hours that I spent studying were rewarding. Thank you AIPE for the support, knowledge and life experience.”  

Silvana Rocio Galindo Leudosyl pendon 2 (00000002)

Advanced Diploma of Marketing– graduated  December 2014

“As a child, I always dreamt of working for my family’s business when I became an adult.  It was a reality in my twenties and as part of it I had the opportunity to meet Maria from AIPE and travel to Sydney and study at AIPE.”

The skills I have gained from my studies while completing my Advanced Diploma of Marketing help me contribute to the marketing area of the company Grupo Gales in Colombia where I am an Academic Coordinator.”


Big kiss from Bali Island

Kadek Andriana Dersen

The Australian Institute of Professional Education (AIPE) has provided an interesting life experience during i stay in Australia. I learned not only about the theoritical knowledge related to my studies, but Being a student at AIPE is not scary that many people imagine.

Some students in high school and even the parents of my students asked me whether studying at AIPE was scary and hard as they had imagined. Programs that I chose is pretty heavy study load, but it does not mean I can not have a life outside of campus. Day-to-day, I tried to develop a network as possible with anyone I know, especially in my field and people were friendly.

At AIPE the interesting thing is able to meet with new students and because most of them are international students, very friendly teachers, and student service were helpful.

“So whatever you do you have to know their culture, their lifestyle, their action and the kind of food they eat. Sometimes, these things can tell who they have and who is fit to be friends with.

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