Student Experience On Campus – Sydney


AIPE wants to see you succeed in your studies and have a great time while studying; the AIPE Student Experience team are here to assist you with the following:

o Enrolment and Orientation
o Document requests
o Change of course
o Applying for Leave / Deferral
o Transport
o Course progression, intervention and support meetings
o Accommodation Support (International Students)
o Job hunting and CV/resume checks
o Welfare Support (homesickness, stress, anxiety, drugs and alcohol issues and more)
o Language and literacy support
o Events and Activities


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Brett Lyon (B.Ed, M.Ed. J.P NSW)

Student Experience Team Leader

Dog Lover, Traveller, Inner west coffee addict and history freak. Favourite City: Prague, Saigon and London (Can’t choose just one!) “When I grow up I want to paint more often, garden like an old man and watch travel documentaries”.




Upasana Amatya – Student Support Officer

Adventure lover and dreams to be a traveler. Passion for cooking and trying new cuisines. Also love reading novels mostly crime and detective genres. Believe in truth, freedom and helping people. Big fan of festivals and celebrations. Admire quote: “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”.



Kelly Chen – Student Advisor

“Work hard and play ……. harder!I enjoy listening and sharing stories and experiences with others and learn from the others.   Love listening to music, get a great work out at the gym, practice nail art, and chill out with close friends over a nice glass of Merlot!  Treasure both happiness and sadness, learn from regrets, and believe in being a simple, honest and positive thinking person will definitely bring happiness to life and make each day a great chapter of life!”


Maggie Tai – Student Administration Officer


Maggi Maggie Tai – Student Administration Officer

Many things make me happy but nothing makes me happier than eating durian. I love cooking and one of my specialties is making durian mochi.  My favourite colors are pastel colours.  Most of the time I am dressed in pastel colors. I am really into bunny rabbits. They cheer me up when I am down and they help me relax after  a day at work.




Max Akber – Student Administration Officer

 “My love for sports, adventures, movies and cooking is endlessss… nothing can bring back me into mood except good delicious food. My dream is to travel around the world before I die”.


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