Where are we now?

Our proud AIPE graduates share their stories here, If you would like to share your graduate story please email us at alumni@aipe.edu.au

Kadek’s Story

The Australian Institute of Professional Education (AIPE) has provided an interesting life experience during my stay in Australia. I learned not only about the theoretical knowledge related to my studies, but Being a student at AIPE is not scary that many people imagine.

Some students in high school and even the parents of my students asked me whether studying at AIPE was scary and hard as they had imagined. Programs that I chose is pretty heavy study load, but it does not mean I can not have a life outside of campus.

Day-to-day, I tried to develop a network as possible with anyone I know, especially in my field and people were friendly.

At AIPE the interesting thing is able to meet with new students and because most of them are international students, very friendlyKadek teachers, and student service were helpful.

“So whatever you do you have to know their culture, their lifestyle, their action and the kind of food they eat. Sometimes, these things can tell who they have and who is fit to be friends with.

Big kiss from Bali Island
Kadek Andriana Dersen


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