Chris Ambassador – I’m living my dream

Christopher is my name and I’m often called Chris, in short of course. I’m a 19 year-old-student and Vietnam is my hometown although I was born in Russia and was taken to Vietnam when I was 5. Russian is the language that I used to speak, more fluently than Vietnamese but now I don’t have any Russian ascent which is a real pity. I love reading books, I learnt lots from books and it will never be enough!

I’ve always wanted to study aboard; After graduating from high school I decided to come here to Australia to study. I’ve always been told that it was going to be very hard and I knew it would be; I’m not saying studying in another country is going to be easy but I know it’s going to be worth it. Leaving my family at age 18 is very difficult because I haven’t had enough life experience; But you know what? You will never be prepared if you keep staying at home. Yes, I might have been knocked down sometimes; but I keep going because it’s my dream, and you know what they say about dreams; Be fearless and go for it!

Everyday is a great day, and every step is a new journey. I learn everyday, I learn from my school, I learn from my friends, I learn from a child I see on the street and that is just amazing, I’m living my dream. I know it’s not only me but everybody else chases their dreams everyday too.

I love making new friends and exploring so I volunteer; It’s the best way to get experience and get to know other people. To be involved in the AIPE Leadership program and being an ambassador is the greatest thing  that ever happened to me. It helps me improve my confidence, it helps me build up my personality, It helps me perfect my character. How wonderful it feels helping people; I started with a simple thing which is helping other students at their orientation, then I volunteered for a non-profit restaurant which helps the poor and the homeless, and recently I volunteered with Mardi Gras festival. I have learnt lots and of course I will keep doing that!

People have and chase their dreams every single day, and helping them makes me be a part of it.  I may be a part of helping them achieve their dreams and that makes me happy. For me, happiness is not a thing that I possess or I receive but something that I have given. Why? because when I give, I have nothing to regret!

I want to thank AIPE for everything they have done for me, I have acquired a lot of knowledge from their education system.  I am the person who I am today partly because of the SLDP program which helps me improve myself; I couldn’t have done anything without them. SLDP helps me live my dream. You live and you learn. Why don’t you experience it yourself?

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