Support & Counselling

At AIPE we are committed to supporting our students to Learn, Excel and Succeed!

We have qualified and very experienced support staff here to assist you and guide you all the way through your studies.

Everyone encounters difficulty at some point and needs to ask for help. Change can cause stress and anxiety and moving to a new school, new class or even a new country can be difficult.

So whatever you need assistance with academic or non-academic, accommodation, legal, health, attendance, homesickness or anxiety. Come and see the student experience team or have a look at some of the self service resources located behind the green wall on level 1.

Support rainbow

Counselling Services

Starting a new course at a new college, possibly in a new country can be stressful and everyone needs help to adjust sometimes.

AIPE provides counselling and advice services for any area that may affect your study success, these can include:

• Personal issues affecting your studies and / or wellbeing (health, family, language, financial or motivational difficulties)
• Attendance and punctuality matters

AIPE has a number of highly experienced and qualified internal welfare support staff available to assist you. In some cases AIPE also engages the services of an external Psychologist, Mary Bonich.


Mary Bonich is a Psychologist dedicated to helping people find their way towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. She provides counselling for a wide range of mental health concerns including workplace stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger management, work-life balance, interpersonal difficulties, relationship breakdowns, and grief. Mary has worked both in the private and corporate sectors as a psychologist with a keen interest in successful social change. She values community and strongly believes in the reinforcement of social support systems to facilitate healthier communities. Mary has completed a Bachelor degree in Psychology graduating with 1st Class Honours, a Master degree in Psychology, and is currently completing her PhD on empowering communities to create their own version of sustainability within their own unique context. Mary is also a cyclist and an animal welfare advocate.

How to book

Appointments for students with our Student Welfare Counsellor can be made by meeting firstly with the Student Experience Team Leader who will provide options for you.

These services are free to students.

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