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Here are some of the great places near campus with well priced food.

Sydney is not cheap, especially in the CBD and City areas, so eating out is usually a daunting task of monetary calculations which tend to ruin the mood, and your appetite. So below are 5 of my top cheap restaurants to enjoy a meal.

1. Mappen (11/537-551 George Street, Sydney) Close to the event cinemas on George street.

11.30 AM – 10PM (7 Days)

Mappen is a traditional Japanese self-serve noodle bar. With meals starting at $3.90, and my all time favourite Udon noodles, this place is cozy, tasty and easy on your wallet.

ProTip: When you order, you specify: what you want, what size, udon or soba noodles & if you want it hot or cold.

2. AboutLife (285a Crown st, Surry Hills)

7AM – 8PM

AboutLife is a natural food grocer which is known throughout Sydney for stocking hard to find items catering to a wide range of dietary needs. All their products are 100% natural, and very tasty.

AboutLife has various food bars which have healthy food, made fresh daily, throughout the day. You can grab a large box for $15 and fill it up with delicious choices.

ProTip: Fill both sides of the box before you close it up, the price is by box size, not weight, so you can cram 2 huge meals in there if you want to be thrifty.

3. Yok Yor Thai Food Factory (Shop G06, 323 Castlereagh Street, Haymarket)

11.30 AM – 1AM, 2AM (Weekends)

Yok Yor is a delicious Thai food restaurant with a great updated menu full of traditional and fusion Thai dishes. They are open late nights, so it’s a great place to go after 12 if you’re not fond of fast food. The meals here a bit more pricey, But a plate of Tofu Pad-Thai is around $8.

Pro-Tip: The desserts are quite cheap at around $5 Each. But they aren’t all that good, so don’t expect anything too special.

4.  Eating World (25-59 Dixon Street, Chinatown, Haymarket)


Eating world is the epitome of cheap eats. A whole food-court full of tasty, cheap food. Go up to one of the mini stalls, take a look at what appeals to you on the board, pick the meal number, have a seat and wait for your meal.

Pro-Tip: Get a whole fried fish with sauce and free rice for 11.90, Or a plate of 24 Takoyaki for the cheapest you will find it in Sydney.

5. North Indian Cuisine (131 Oxford Street Darlinghurst)

Open Till Late

North Indian Cuisine is the cheapest place I know of for an Indian meal. If you don’t mind the fact that the food is pre-made and served out of large heat trays, then its a relatively decent experience. Not the best indian you will have, but certainly good for value.

Pro-Tip: 3 curry choices served with rice will cost you around 11-12 Dollars. Also, do not order the $15 special on the metal tray. it is more expensive than getting the same items separately, and you also get less.

Do you have any cheap eat Sydney favourites? Let us now in the comment box below!

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