AIPE Ambassadors

ambassadorAIPE Ambassadors are special people! They have been nominated by AIPE staff because they are committed to serving others and are proud to be students at AIPE. AIPE student Ambassadors volunteer many hours to welcome new students, assist with orientation and manage events for our students.

Here are some of their stories…

Meet the AIPE Ambassadors:


Chrissy (Online / Australia)


Philiip Mules (Online / Australia)



Neera: (On Campus / Nepal)


Kadir: (On Campus / Turkey)

Kadir - Airport Deskcrop


Course:  Diploma in Human Resources

What do you love about AIPE?  “I like my teachers and the volunteering opportunites. AIPE provide opportunities that other
schools don’t. AIPE give me opportunities to help other people.”

Why do you like being an AIPE Ambassador? “I like it because I feel that I contribute and am part of something that changes things in a good way. It makes me feel good!”

Hobbies, sports or activities? “I run two or three times a week! I swim, I have pool membership and I like to go to the beach!”

Something interesting about you? “I talk too much because I am excited about improving my English!” “I love to smile and always try to be positive!”

Chris: (On Campus / Vietnam)



Course: ELICOS now then Bachelor of Business in the future.

What do you love about AIPE? AIPE has so many activities that I can be involved with, AIPE cares about students, it makes me want to be a part of it; it’s a second home!

Why do you like being an AIPE Ambassador? Being an ambassador helps me make friends, get new experiences, improve many skills.

Hobbies, sports or activities? Reading, because while reading I will be calm, focussed and thoughtful. In addition, It improves my knowledge.

Something interesting about you? When I sleep I need another pillow to hug!

Wayan: (On Campus / Indonesia)


Linda: (On Campus / Slovak Republic)


Linda and Valdas – AIPE’s first ever Ambassadors.


Valdas: (On Campus / Lithuania)